Yellaw is a law firm specialised in public and private business law. Its team, well structured around strong and complementary specialities, actively involved in both advisory and litigation matters. Largely present in the Rhône-Alpes Region with offices in Lyon and Grenoble, Yellaw is also present in Paris, Reunion Island and also in the West Indies in Guyana.

Benefiting from an effective presence in Kuala Lumpur, the Firm has established an active partnership with one of the leading law firms throughout the ASEAN zone.

Present at the International and especially in Asia, the lawyers practice both Civil Law and Common Law.

In 2001, Mr Pascal COUTURIER and Mr Olivier GUERIN-GARNIER visualised that the Indian Ocean could be a crossroad between Africa, Asia and Europe.

Since 2017, in partnership with Mrs Priscilla PATTOO, this vision became a reality with the accession of G&P LEGAL Mauritius and its sister firm in Reunion Island at GIE YELLAW.

Its recent installation in Mauritius, mixed law, is now conceived as a hub halfway between Southeast Asia, Francophone Africa and Europe, at the heart of its project.