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Other than pure legal advice, and dispute resolution, insolvency is a particular domain which requires a significant experience of its intricacies.

Advising a client in an insolvency matter requires a capacity to grasp the particulars of a company, not only the legal aspect but also of its management style, whether good governance and sound accounting principles were applied.
Relying on the strengths of its network of preferred partners composed of certified accountants, tax consultants and auditors, LAWLINE is a one-stop shop for your insolvency matters.

We advise businesses in choosing the most-suitable type of insolvency proceeding, ranging from administration to liquidation, Assist and accompany them in their restructuring, propose a solution allowing a business to regulate its financial situation and get out of the insolvency,
Furthermore, LAWLINE advises potential buyers to take over the assets of a company in financial distress.

“The world is made wrong; kings should go to school to their own laws, at times, and so learn mercy.”

Mark Twain | Prince and the Pauper

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